The Story of the Turtle & the Hare

posted 14th February, 2011 under Nutrition and Health Cabinet.

Remembering This Childhood Story Can Help You Stay Committed!

“I’m going to lose 15 kilos! Starting this month”…Have two months passed and you are not a kilo lighter? Perhaps this isn’t the only commitment you found you haven’t upheld. Perhaps it’s time to size your commitments up… Are they too big?

Whether your commitment was to run a 10k, give up coffee, spring clean the house or end a toxic relationship, it is frustrating to find yourself in the second month of 2011… well…. still not committed! You wouldn’t believe, but the story of the turtle and the hare can help you stay committed and Femmefiles will tell you how…

One of the most influential reasons why we can’t stay committed is because of our expectations. We expect ourselves to do everything overnight, when often times, it can take days for it to happen. That is why the turtle and the hare’s storyline of “slow and steady wins the race” is the best approach to take.

If you are committed to losing weight and found that you haven’t done so, take it slow. For example, instead of saying, “I’m going to lose 15 kilos” start with, “I’m going to lose 1 kilo a week.” Changing the 15 kilo to 1 kilo loss isn’t as overwhelming and it gives you a better place to start. In just as little as 3 months, you could find you achieved your 15 kilo weight loss without even realizing!

Another example of hard to keep commitments is the hard to break habits. If you want to give up something like coffee or cigarettes don’t quit cold turkey and make this last a week. The amount of coffee or cigarettes you consume daily should be the judge of how to begin reducing. If you drink three coffees a day, try to reduce to two or one. If you drink only one coffee a day, reduce to every other day. Again, it’s the slow and steady approach that will ensure greater commitment to your goals.

As paradoxical as it may seem, some people are committed to ending a commitment, like a relationship. Sometimes there is nothing harder-especially when you are living with the person! Obviously, the difficulty of breaking your commitment will depend on the degree of it.

Let’s use a common scenario- the cohabitating couple. If you find you are at the stage where you can’t break it off because their nonexistence would devastate your existence, then again, slow and steady is a great approach. Spend a lot more time with friends and maybe even start sleeping one night a week at a friend’s/relative’s house. Also, it may be a good idea to begin getting your stuff out of the house little by little (assuming the place is not yours). If money allows, take a little weekend getaway or vacation. Basically, start distancing yourself slowly so you get used to not being in each other pockets. You’ll eventually find that you can exist without that person and that you will be ok on your own.

 There are so many different commitments that we want to make this 2011. Instead of being disappointed with yourself for not being able to stay committed, remember the childhood storyline of the turtle and the hare-slow and steady wins the race!

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