Parental Instincts

posted 27th January, 2014 under Food for Thought.

My partner and I just bought two tiny ducks and they are the cutest things I have ever owned.

I wake up and I want to hear them chirp, I bath them, talk to them and sometimes I put food in my mouth and let them eat it, just like a mother would.

Sound gross? That is because even though I do those things I would never admit them out loud to any one…unlike many other mothers I know.

I understand that having children is a huge step in anyone’s life and so on and so forth.

Every where you go, look, read, hear or see there is a mother who can talk about nothing else than her child.  Before I launch into this, I should add I love kids. In fact, I hope I have an indoor-football team worth of them.

But honestly what kind of hormonal brain washing occurs when you give birth?

Has this woman lived in solitude without anything amazing happen before popping out a mini-her?

Her Facebook account went from pictures of her going out and having a life to pictures of her feeding her child and status updates of him doing his first poo.  I‘ll give my family and friends strict instructions to remind me of my existence as a person as well as a mother, but will I (oh, the horror) join this cult too?

Maybe I get so annoyed because the parental instinct inside of me does not run wild and quiet frankly, having children would put a damper on the amazing travelling life my partner and I have right now.

But does a woman’s identity have to change once she has a child?

I say no, and my reasons are not because I am unmarried, childless or highly allergic to a screaming child- my reasons are based on observations from friends who have kids, my beautiful mother and the future-mother-in-me.

  1. Talking about your child or bringing them up in every conversation is never fun for the other person, especially if they do not have children and even more importantly if they are trying to conceive and are having trouble.
  2. Using the everyday tasks of your new pride and joy as the highlight of conversations. There is nothing more intolerable than hearing a story about how ‘babies name here’ had a poo the other day or sneezed or laughed. Sorry to all those mothers out there but it just gets old quickly.
  3. And last but not least, remember the harsh fact about saying your partner’s name 10 times more than you would say your own in a day- well triple that for how many times you would say your child’s name and there you have it- the most annoying conversation starter in the world.

From Louise Jeckells.

A woman who gets a whole nine hours sleep a night, uninterrupted, and loves it.

4 positive ways to spend your extra Tax Cash!

posted 21st June, 2013 under Food for Thought,Trends & Travel Exposed.

Tax day is on the way and while that puts most of us a little bit closer to owning that designer handbag- before you decide to part ways with an exorbitant amount of money with something vitally unnecessary

- although that is open to debate-

why not spend that extra money on something that will benefit you above and beyond your wrist strength?

Your health.

Take a look at the list below – investing your prized pennies on these might just provide you with the mental clarity we all aspire to.

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posted 14th June, 2013 under Competitions.

Have you heard?

Hypoxi has a shiny New Friend and she is just too good for us to keep!

Apart from a hot new trainer, we can’t think of a better incentive to work hard this winter than the thought of a dazzling Argyle diamond to match your new simply stunning figure.

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A Story of Phenomenal Proportions: HYPOXI Review

posted 13th May, 2013 under Inspirational Femmes,Weight Loss Stories.

Nicole’s Weight Loss Journey

Nicole Voorhout is not a super model, nor is she a TV soap star or socialite with a personal trainer and nutritionist on hand. However, thanks to personal dedication and visits to Hypoxi, Nicole has achieved inspirational results that we at the Femme Files would like to share with you.

At size 24 and only 35 years old, Nicole struggled with the daily tasks of carrying the shopping up a flight of stairs, was apprehensive about finding love and deeply affected by her appearance. With her health at risk, Nicole realised she needed to take back control of her life. That was only 18 months ago. Through self discipline and Hypoxi treatments, Nicole is now a fragment of her former self- a petite size 10 who despite dropping from a size 24 much has gained more and is an inspiration to others.

Nicole tried Hypoxi in an attempt to lose kilos from her stubborn areas and help tighten and tone her skin which had lost elasticity due to her weight loss. Although a sceptic at first she was quickly proved otherwise “Even when my weight loss should have been slowing down, I was losing 37 cm from my hips, bum and thighs in 12 sessions of Hypoxi. Hypoxi kept me motivated to reach my final goal.”

So as you start setting your 2011 New Year resolutions, perhaps keep Hypoxi in mind as a tool to help you reach your weight loss goals. If Nicole can drop from a size 24 to a toned and terrific size 10 to take back control, there is no reason you can’t achieve anything you dedicate yourself to next year.

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